23 Feb 2022

Unseen Green Hydrogen Volumes Set to be Produced at Proposed Texas Gulf Coast Project

23 Feb 2022  by   
In the latest move to develop the state of Texas into a leading player in the world of hydrogen, plans have today (Feb 22) been unveiled for a gigawatt-scale green fuels hub – and it could produce green hydrogen in volumes not yet seen in the US.


Set to feature green hydrogen production, storage, transportation and export capabilities, the proposed project, set be located at the Port of Corpus Christi on the Texas Gulf Coast, will really set the scene for what can be achieved both within the state and the wider US when it comes to hydrogen.

Apex Clean Energy is behind the ambitious plans, having inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Port of Corpus Christi Authority and EPIC Midstream to explore the feasibility of the major development that could produce green hydrogen and other green fuels at record breaking levels in the US, with additional scale-up capabilities.

In order to meet the proposed high production targets, Apex expects to utilise its industry-leading portfolio of wind and solar projects currently in development in Texas to power hydrogen production facilities.

Supporting the transportation of the produced hydrogen, EPIC will consider leveraging its pipeline construction and operating expertise to accelerate the development of a new, dedicated green fuels pipeline.

Mark Goodwin, Apex Clean Energy President and CEO, said, “This project seeks to generate and deliver green hydrogen and other clean fuels precisely where they are needed most—at the industrial backbone of our nation.

“Together with Ares, EPIC, and the Port of Corpus Christi, Apex would leverage the highest-quality wind and solar resources in Texas to help decarbonise difficult-to-abate industries— including the transportation, shipping, fertiliser, chemical, and refining sectors—and include optionality for global export. This would be green fuel production at gigawatt scale.”

Jeff Pollack, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer for the Port of Corpus Christi, added, “This initiative is exactly the type of interdisciplinary collaboration that would enable scalable projects that move the needle on diversification of the energy marketplace.

“This monumental potential project would directly contribute to the burgeoning clean hydrogen hub at the Port of Corpus Christi and would directly support our ambitions to cultivate world-scale hydrogen exports as our part in national decarbonisation and energy balance of trade objectives.”


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