17 Feb 2022

DOE Issues Two RFIs to Move Ahead with IIJA $9.5B Clean Hydrogen Initiatives

17 Feb 2022  by   
The US Department of Energy (DOE) released two Requests for Information (RFI) to collect feedback from stakeholders to inform the implementation and design of Regional Hydrogen Hub and the Electrolysis and Clean Hydrogen Manufacturing and Recycling programs per the IIJA (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act), representing a combined $9.5-billion inverstment.

The IIJA includes $8 billion for Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs that will expand the use of clean hydrogen in the industrial sector and beyond; $1 billion for a Clean Hydrogen Electrolysis Program to reduce costs of hydrogen produced from clean electricity; and $500 million for Clean Hydrogen Manufacturing and Recycling Initiatives to support equipment manufacturing and strong domestic supply chains.

The RFI for Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Implementation Strategy (DE-FOE-0002664) specifically seeks input on:

Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub Provisions and Requirements

Solicitation Process, FOA structure, and Implementation Strategy

Equity, Environmental and Energy Justice (EEEJ) Priorities

Market Adoption and Sustainability of the Hubs

Topics under the Clean Hydrogen Manufacturing, Recycling, and Electrolysis RFI (DE-FOA-0002698) include:

Manufacturing and Supply Chain of Clean Hydrogen Equipment and Components;

Approaches to Recycle Hydrogen End Use Technologies including Fuel Cells; and

Development, Testing and Integration of Electrolyzers.

Feedback received from these RFIs will also support DOE’s Hydrogen Shot efforts to cut to cost of clean hydrogen to $1 per 1 kilogram in one decade.


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