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09 Feb 2022

Canadian Firm Secures $2.4m for Wind Pitch Motor Technology

09 Feb 2022  by   

Canadian firm Enedym has secured CAD$2.4 million (£1.4m) from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to commercialise and advance its Ventium wind pitch motor technology.

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Its technology called Ventium, a combination of Latin words for wind (Ventus) and power (Imperium), is believed to increase the reliability and efficiency of wind turbines, which leads to an increase in energy production.

François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry said: “Canadian entrepreneurs are leading the global shift to a stronger, greener and more resilient economy.

“Today’s investments will enable cleantech innovators across multiple sectors to commercialise their ideas, helping Canada meet its 2030 climate commitments and reach net zero emissions by 2050, providing a more sustainable future for all Canadians.”

According to Enedym, its technology – which marks the company’s entry into the renewables market – has a simple, robust and low cost construction with no conductors, no brushes on the rotor and no permanent magnets, which require rare earth materials that have challenges in global supply chains.

Dr. Ali Emadi, Founder, President and CEO of Enedym added: “Wind power is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies today and Enedym believes it is a critical tool in creating a sustainable future for all. Enedym’s Ventium system makes wind turbines more efficient, more affordable and can make a significant contribution to solving climate change challenges.

“Through our partnership with SDTC, as well as with support from our consortium of industry partners, we can reach our collective goal to ensure wind power infrastructure can run more efficiently, reliably and economically.”


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