19 Jan 2022

Longi Unexpectedly Raises PV Wafer Prices

19 Jan 2022  by Longi   

A Longi solar cell production line.  Image: Longi

Solar manufacturer Longi has unexpectedly raised the prices of all its PV wafers via an update on the company website. ‘G1′ products, measuring 158.75-223mm, now cost RMB4.95 (US$0.77) per piece, up 2.5%, and 166mm M6 wafers are 2.4% more expensive, at RMB5.32 (US$0.83). The price of M10, 182-247 mm wafers has raised 5.1% to RMB6.15 per piece (US$0.96). Longi had begun to reduce its wafers prices in May last year and this is the first time prices have increased again.

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