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15 Jan 2022

Germany Confirms 2021-2035 Grid Plan

15 Jan 2022  by   

The German Federal Network Agency BNetzA has confirmed Germany's Electricity Network Development Plan 2021-2035, including two DC projects for offshore wind totalling 2GW that can be networked with each other for the first time using multi-terminal technology.

BNetzA said that by using the multi-terminal technology instead of individual point-to-point connections, power grid expansion can be implemented more efficiently and cost-effectively.

It added that the plan determines the necessary offshore connection systems, including the respective commissioning years and connection points on land, in accordance with the specifications of the Land Development Plan.
For the connection of offshore wind farms, the Federal Network Agency considers 11 further connection systems in the North Sea and Baltic Sea to be required by 2040 compared with previous plans.

In total, the overall plan comprises around 1000km of additional routes and reinforcements of existing connections.

The Federal Network Agency also confirmed a total of 28 new line-related expansion measures in the power grid.

These measures are necessary and sustainable in any case, regardless of future decisions, it said.

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