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12 Jan 2022

Apple Likely to Partner with Korean Automotive Electronics Companies

12 Jan 2022  by   

Apple is planning to accelerate Apple Car development this year and multiple South Korean auto parts manufacturers are expected to join the development.

Apple discussed electric vehicle battery supply with LG Energy Solution and SK On several months ago. Last month, it had meetings with some automotive electronics companies in South Korea. According to industry sources, the companies include one in which Apple is willing to make an equity investment, Apple asked the company to double its production capacity, and additional online meetings are ongoing between some of the companies and Apple.

“Some South Korean companies already working with Apple in the smartphone industry set up task forces in order to work with it in the automotive industry as well,” one of them said, adding, “Collaboration between Apple and South Korean companies is highly likely with regard to Apple Car batteries as well.”

“The content of those discussions is confidential and no information is being shared with Apple being strict and meticulous when it comes to security,” another source said, adding, “There are also many companies that do not even try as Apple’s requirements are high.”

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