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12 Jan 2022

Kick-Starting E-Mobility Projects in South Africa to Develop a Value Chain

12 Jan 2022  by   

Submissions are open for uYilo’s collaborative projects funding and up to R1 million will be made available for the development of e-mobility projects.

uYilo e-Mobility Programme to fund local electric mobility projects which could receive up to R 1 million investment. Image source: Shutterstock

The uYilo e-mobility programme was established in 2013 to finance e-mobility associated projects – energy storage, vehicle systems, charging infrastructure and connected car. Previously funded projects included battery systems, charging solutions, motors, inverters, remote monitoring systems and electric vehicles. Project submissions will be evaluated against the required criteria, with those accepted required to achieve a set of milestones throughout the project development process.

uYilo e-Mobility Programme Director, Hiten Parmar: “The development of a local e-Mobility value-chain is the key outcome of the uYilo kick start funding initiative. The kick start fund focuses on accelerating existing research and development to the level where they can be commercialised into the market. It provides the support for local products and services, along with developing skill sets so South Africa can use its own resources to build an electric vehicle industry, with expanding opportunities for export while creating local employment.”

International market changes in the acceptance of internal combustion engines (ICE), with deadlines for allowing ICE vehicles into city centers, has placed the spotlight on South Africa’s need to evolve into the electric mobility future.

“We need to become part of the future and have the opportunity to become a leader in e-mobility in Africa. The uYilo Kick Start Fund is part of helping local companies realise the future and become globally competitive with local innovation,” said Parmar.

Internationally ICE technology has a decade left before being replaced by a variety of solutions within the e-mobility ecosystem. After that time, South Africa will have to be an exporter of e-mobility solutions, with an associated local workforce and job opportunities, or it will have to rely on imports, with little of the local automotive industry left.

The deadline for project applications to the uYilo Kickstart Fund is midday on the 31 January 2022.

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