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05 Jan 2022

New Jersey Joins National Offshore Wind Research Group

05 Jan 2022  by   

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) has joined the National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium (NOWRDC).

[Image: Dominion Energy]

NOWRDC was established in 2018 and is national not-for-profit public-private partnership focused on advancing offshore wind technology in the US through research projects and cost-effective responsible development, while maximising other economic and social benefits.

At the NJBPU 15 December Agenda Meeting, the board approved a memorandum of agreement with NOWRDC establishing the procedures and process by which the organisation will use funds contributed by New Jersey.

NJBPU president Joseph Fiordaliso said: “We are excited to be joining NOWRDC as the representative for the state of New Jersey.

“Our participation in this prominent national organisation will aid our offshore wind efforts and play a key role in helping us meet Governor Murphy’s goal of 7500MW of offshore wind energy by 2035.”

NOWRDC executive president Carrie Cullen Hitt said: “New Jersey’s participation in the Consortium brings a key offshore wind voice into our collaborations.

“We look forward to advancing technology that will help New Jersey meets its 7500MW goal.”

New Jersey’s membership in NOWRDC allows the state to participate in regional research and monitoring activities as recommended by the New Jersey Offshore Wind Strategic Plan and to further the research into offshore wind activities with a goal of lowering costs in the sector.

The membership will also provide New Jersey with a platform to collaborate with other states in coordinating regional monitoring and scientific and technical research at the state and regional levels to address issues related to offshore wind project planning, siting, construction, and operation.

As the state’s named agency member of NOWRDC, the NJBPU will contribute $1m over four years to support research initiatives in offshore wind, and coordinate NOWRDC activities with the Wind Institute and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

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