01 Jan 2022

Zhonghuan Further Reduces PV Wafer Prices

01 Jan 2022  by SERGIO MATALUCCI   

Solar manufacturer Zhonghuan Semiconductor has decreased the prices of most of its PV wafers, four weeks after having lowered the prices for the first time in several months. G1 products (158.75mm) were priced at RMB5.0 (US$0.78) per piece, down 0.97% from the beginning of December, while G12 products are 7.8% cheaper at RMB7.7. M6 (166mm) products saw their price decline 1% and are now sold at RMB4.9. The manufacturer also provided the price of its M10 (218mm) product for the second time, which is being offered at RMB8.31, up 7.9% from the beginning of December.

Beijing-based project developer Jingneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd (JNCEC) announced on Wednesday that its board has approved an investment plan for the construction of a 1GW renewable energy project in Inner Mongolia. The 1GW includes a 500MW combined solar and wind facility at Abag Banner Xilin Gol League, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023. It will be coupled with hydrogen electrolysis, and a 500MW wind project at Sonid Left Banner Xilin Gol League, and will feature 75MW/150MWh of battery energy storage. JNCEC said the overall project will produce around 2.7 TWh clean power annually when completed in 2024.

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