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23 Dec 2021

World-Leading Superconducting Cable Operational in Shanghai

23 Dec 2021  by   

A high-capacity superconducting power line with world-leading technologies went into operation in Shanghai Wednesday, said the Shanghai branch of the State Grid.

Photo taken on Dec. 22, 2021 shows the terminal of a superconducting cable in Shanghai, east China. (Xinhua/Ding Ting)

Installed in the commercial area of Xuhui District, the 1.2-km cable connects two 220 kV substations with a designed current capacity of 2,200 amps.

It is the first superconducting transmission project built by China's State Grid, said the State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company.

The project, which started in 2016, marked a breakthrough in power grid construction in China. It can help solve the problem of high-capacity power transmission through narrow channels and alleviate the pressure of the power supply in high-load areas.

The 1.2-km 35 kV superconducting cable is the first of its kind in the world, according to the company.

"A 35 kV superconducting cable, which has the same transmission capacity of a traditional 220 kV cable, can replace four to six traditional cables with the same voltage level, saving 70 percent of the underground pipe space," said Xie Wei, the company's chief engineer.

Xie added that the remarkable advantages in transmission efficiency and space-saving make superconducting cables suitable for directly transmitting large-capacity electricity to the central area of a city, where space is limited and costly.

Shanghai authorities have continuously supported the research, development, and industrialization of superconducting technologies over the past 15 years. The city aims to become a powerhouse in the superconducting industry in the future.

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