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16 Dec 2021

NTR to Suppy Microsoft in Sweden

16 Dec 2021  by   

NTR has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) to supply electricity to Microsoft from the 86MW Norra Vedbo wind farm in Sweden.

[Image: Wolfgang Hansemann/Unsplash ]

The project is owned by NTR and Reichmuth Infrastructure and is expected to go into operations in fourth quarter of 2022.

The long-term PPA will support Microsoft in its plans to offset its Swedish data centre energy consumption with 100% carbon-free energy.

Norra Vedbo will consist of 20 Vestas V150 4.3MW turbines.

It is estimated that the project will produce enough clean power to serve the annual consumption of about 44,000 households.

NTR has also secured 10-year contracts for two battery storage projects to supply capacity to the Irish grid system through an auction by grid operators Eirgrid and SONI this month.

The projects located in County Wexford are among only 11 battery facilities to be successful in the auction providing 5% of the grid’s capacity requirements.

They comprise 22MW and, in addition to providing capacity, the projects will deliver grid firming services to support the network’s ability to deal with variable power produced by a rapidly expanding fleet of wind and solar plants.

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