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05 Dec 2021

Ukraine’s DSO Centralises Smart Grid Management with GE Digital

05 Dec 2021  by   

In Ukraine, energy distribution system operator (DSO) DTEK Kyiv Grids has partnered with GE Digital to centralise its data management and sharing, work controls and network management.

DTEK Kyiv will deploy GE Digital’s advanced distribution management system to centralise dispatching centers and to develop a unified grid management system.

The technology will help reduce the power interruption time for customers, facilitate the development of new services, accelerate the digital transformation and improve services to 5.4 million households and 150,000 enterprises.

Amongst the five service territories that DTEK Grids operates in, namely; Kyiv, Dnipro, Donetsk and Odesa regions, and the city of Kyiv, Kyiv will be the first to deploy the platform over the next two years, according to the statement.

The platform will provide the DSO with predictive maintenance and autonomous grid capabilities for reliability and efficiency.

The DSO seeks to leverage digital tools to achieve its 2040 carbon neutrality target.

Geliukh Ivan, board member at DTEK Grids, said the utility is implementing new technologies “in creating an innovative ecosystem in DSOs” to ensure “the reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of the grids. At the same time, we are changing approaches to network management to ensure that each of our customers has a reliable power supply.”

Jim Walsh, general manager at GE Digital Grid Software business, added: “Every day, management of the electric grid is becoming more complex with increasing amounts of distributed generation and distributed energy resources at all voltage levels. However, the need to manage the safety, reliability, and security of supply across the distribution grid remains a priority.”

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