05 Dec 2021

BayoTech Officially Unveils 1,000kg per day Hydrogen Hub for New Mexico, US

05 Dec 2021  by   

BayoTech has officially unveiled today (Dec 3) an agreement with New Mexico Gas Company to deploy a new highly efficient hydrogen production facility that will be situated in Albuquerque, US.

The BayoTech-owned BayoGaaS Hydrogen Hub will be a pilot project that demonstrates the safe and effective blending of hydrogen into the company’s natural gas distribution system.

Through the use of hydrogen injection, the clean energy carrier will be injected into New Mexico Gas Company’s natural gas distribution system that will provide a steady flow of hydrogen that can decarbonise various industrial buildings as well as houses.

The rapid scalability of BayoTech’s BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs is unique in the industry and, with its modular design, compact footprint, and the flexibility of its technology, it will enable hydrogen production to grow quickly to meet market demand.

Factory-built hydrogen production plants are transported to the site and quickly assembled where, initially, a one tonne per day hydrogen generator is installed, while concurrently permitting and prepping the site to produce two tonnes per day, allowing for quick expansion in under six months when needed.

This can then be further expanded to a further five tonnes per day to accommodate the growing hydrogen demand.

The site is anticipated to become operational in mid-2022 and will produce up to 1,000 kilograms per day of high-purity hydrogen – enough to fill as many as 200 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Mo Vargas, CEO of BayoTech, said, “With the commissioning of a BayoTech hydrogen hub in Albuquerque, transportation and industry in New Mexico will now have a local source of reliable, economical clean hydrogen to decarbonise their businesses.

“I’m proud to celebrate this significant milestone on the path to becoming the world’s largest distributed hydrogen company.”

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said, “BayoTech’s investment in Albuquerque today will move New Mexico closer towards our ambitious goal of net zero carbo

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