02 Dec 2021

WAB Joins the OCEaN Initiative to Promote Hydrogen Production from Offshore Wind

02 Dec 2021  by   

WAB has joined the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) to promote sustainable practices in power generation with green hydrogen production from offshore wind a vital element.

The association fosters the production of green hydrogen from wind energy with the German-based company now set to explore and support the initiative and its hydrogen ambitions.

One of the main targets of the OCEaN alliance is to cooperate on the sustainable use of offshore wind energy while ensuring harmony with nature conservation and healthy marine ecosystems.

With hydrogen’s zero-emission benefits that can be partnered to further complement offshore wind, the initiative sees hydrogen as a vital cog in achieving its sustainable practices.

Heike Winkler, managing Director of WAB, said, “We are happy to join the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature to tap the full potential of offshore wind in the North and Baltic Seas sustainably, ensuring alignment with nature protection and healthy marine ecosystems.

“A close dialogue among stakeholders will help achieve this goal. This becomes even more significant in light of the growing need for green hydrogen.”

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