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01 Dec 2021

Ørsted Enters into pPA with Johnson & Johnson in Ireland and the US

01 Dec 2021  by   

Johnson & Johnson and Ørsted have signed two power purchase agreements (PPAs). Johnson & Johnson will purchase energy from Sparta Solar in Texas, US, and from the two onshore wind farms Kilgarvan and Booltiagh 1 in Ireland.

Johnson & Johnson has signed two PPAs with Ørsted to offtake power from Sparta Solar in Texas in the US and Kilgarvan Wind Farm in County Kerry and Booltiagh Wind Farm 1 in County Clare, which are based in southern and western Ireland, respectively.

The PPA with Sparta Solar includes a contract capacity of 55 MW from the 250 MW Sparta Solar project in southern Texas. Sparta Solar is part of Helena Energy Center, a 518 MW hybrid wind and solar project on which Ørsted announced final investment decision earlier in 2021 and which is the largest Ørsted Onshore project to date.

The PPA with Kilgarvan and Booltiagh Wind Farm 1 is an eight-year commercial agreement which will result in 100 % of Johnson & Johnson’s energy requirements across its four manufacturing sites in Ireland being covered by onshore wind energy. Over the lifetime of this PPA, Ørsted will generate more than 1,000 GWh of renewable energy under the agreement with Johnson & Johnson.

“I’m pleased that we’re teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to assist them with their ambitious goals for their global operations, which include sourcing 100 % of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025. It’s excellent that we’re able to match their power needs in both the US and Irish market with flexible and custom-built solutions,” says Melissa Peterson, Vice President of Onshore in Ørsted, and she continues: “There’s an increasing focus on decarbonisation going on in the medical industry at the moment, and these agreements are examples of how we can contribute to supporting the industry’s growing needs.”

Ørsted Onshore has an ambition to reach 17.5 GW in 2030 and aims to deliver approximately 1.5 GW of additional capacity annually whilst growing the portfolio towards a 50:50 wind and solar PV capacity mix.

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