26 Nov 2021

Scientists Develop New Hydrogen Fuel Engine that Can Power Industrial Drones

26 Nov 2021  by   

The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials said Thursday that it has developed a 5-kilowatt hydrogen fuel engine that can power heavy lift industrial drones.

This photo provided by the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials shows a newly-developed hydrogen fuel engine.

The newly-developed engine supplies hydrogen fuel using the direct spray method while optimizing engine parameters such as ignition and spray.

The hydrogen engine has a maximum output of higher than 7 kilowatts, with the power generator and rectifier that were produced to develop a power pack module having a maximum output of higher than 5 kilowatts.

This power output is strong enough to power industrial drones with a weight of 20 to 30 kilograms.

At present, unmanned mobility devices such as drones usually rely on batteries for power.

To extend flight time, various attempts are underway using gasoline engine hybrids or hydrogen fuel cell systems.

The energy density of hydrogen fuel is 2.8 times higher than that of gasoline by weight, thereby offering the potential to extend flight time compared to conventional gasoline engines.

Another strength is that hydrogen engines are based on eco-friendly technology and are free of carbon emissions.

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