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24 Nov 2021

Metsähallitus Starts Preparations for Finnish Offshore Wind Farm

24 Nov 2021  by   

Metsähallitus starts wind measurements in Maalahti to build an offshore wind farm 15 km off the west coast of Korsnäs, Finland. First step is putting up the mast.

Metsähallitus is building a 150m measurement mast to study wind conditions in Bergö, Maalahti. Both a crane and a helicopter will be needed to install the mast, measuring the average wind speed, turbulence and variation in wind speeds at different heights. The wind conditions will be measured as close as possible to the planned hub height of the wind turbines. Preliminary assessments indicate that the area has favourable wind conditions. After two years of measurements, the mast will be taken down.

In addition to the mast, the wind will also be measured with a SODAR which transmits acoustic pulses from the ground level up to 300 meters and calculates wind strength from their return signals. These measurements will be complemented with LIDAR, too. A long measurement period is needed because not every year is the same, and measurements must be taken round the year.

The capacity of the offshore turbines planned in Korsnäs is estimated to be around 12 to 20 MW each.

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