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22 Nov 2021

Keysight and Proventia Partner on Optimizing EV Battery Test Solutions

22 Nov 2021  by   

Keysight Technologies Inc. and Proventia Oy are collaborating to improve electric vehicle (EV) battery test solutions.

Automotive manufacturers, suppliers and test facilities need to increase the driving range of an EV, its performance and safety, while reducing costs. When developing and testing high-voltage EV batteries, time becomes critical in a competitive market. The collaboration between Keysight and Proventia delivers a location-independent and safe test lab with rapid implementation time. The test lab incorporates the following key solutions:

Keysight’s Scienlab battery test solutions, including the SL1700A series Scienlab Battery test system – pack level test high-voltage batteries with up to 1500 V. It addresses safety concerns with features including redundant measurement and utilizes new high-voltage silicon carbide (SiC) technology allowing an energy recovery capability of 96%.

Keysight’s Scienlab energy storage discover software, which controls and monitors test systems and lab components from the device under test (DUT), including the battery management system and climatic chambers.

Keysight’s software PathWave lab operations for battery test helps manage the entire lab and optimize workflow, data acquisition and handling.

Proventia’s standardized, modular and location-independent test units reduce investment time and costs with scalability that enables customers to choose from right sized test chambers for rapid deployment.

Proventia’s test laboratories include climatic chamber integration and control, liquid conditioning systems, air conditioning, a control room and DUT preparation space. To prevent hazardous situations and ensure the health of employees when testing batteries, safety features include gas and fire detection, a facility alarm system and access control.

“Combining our experience and knowledge with Keysight has enabled Proventia to quickly deliver an optimized battery test lab that meets our customers’ specific needs,” says Jari Lotvonen, president and CEO from Proventia.

“Working with Proventia has enabled us to offer customers a modular, safe and fast-to-build test lab infrastructure equipped with Keysight’s sophisticated battery test solutions,” said Thomas Goetzl, vice president and general manager for Keysight’s Automotive & Energy Solutions business unit. “This enables customers to accelerate time-to-market of their battery products without compromising performance, quality and test coverage.”

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