04 Nov 2021

New 78.96MW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant Opens in South Korea

04 Nov 2021  by   

The Shinincheon Bitdream Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant in Incheon, South Korea, has been completed with the plant set to supply green electricity to 250,000 households and heat to a further 44,000.

© Doosan Fuel Cell

This power plant will help develop hydrogen and transform it into green electricity to reduce the carbon footprint of the local region and develop an ecosystem for hydrogen.

Doosan Fuel Cell supplied products to the new power plant as the company looks to bolster the Korean hydrogen economy and situate itself at the forefront of the energy transition.

The company has said that this site is the largest in the world with a total power generation capacity of 78.96MW with 134 440kW fuel cells supplied to this power plant.

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