04 Nov 2021

Kolon Group to Develop Hydrogen and Secondary Battery Technologies

04 Nov 2021  by   

Kolon Group has partnered with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) to develop core technologies for hydrogen production and storage, next-generation secondary batteries, and drug delivery systems.

“Until now, we have used expensive rare metal as catalysts in electrolyzing water to produce green hydrogen,” a Kolon official said. "Kolon and the KIST will develop inexpensive catalysts and core materials."

They will team up for the development of cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytes and separators, which are the four core elements of secondary batteries. In particular, they will speed up the development of electrolytes and cathode materials for all-solid-state batteries.

Biological materials developed by the KIST will also be applied to new drug materials developed by Kolon in the biotech and healthcare sectors. They will also promote human resource exchanges such as KIST degree programs for Kolon researchers and hiring KIST student researchers who participated in research projects.

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