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08 Oct 2021

Rosatom Wind Farms have Generated 1 million Megawatt-Hours of Green Energy

08 Oct 2021  by Rosatom   

The third wind power plant – the Bondarevskaya wind farm – was opened in the Stavropol Krai. It has an installed capacity of 120 MW. Today, there are already five Rosatom wind farms operating in Southern Russia, with an installed capacity totalling 660 MW. One more wind power plant – the Medvezhenskaya wind farm in the Stavropol Krai with a capacity of 60 MW – will have been constructed by the end of this year. Gazprombank acted as a financial partner of the projects.

Since the start of its first wind farm operation, Rosatom has supplied 1 million megawatt-hours of wind-generated electricity to the unified grid of Russia.

“We have already successfully sold more than half of our capacity under the first RES CSA program. We have created an efficient supply chain involving Rosatom enterprises, and our own wind farm O&M service. We have also localized a new modern wind turbine technology. Our wind turbine generator and nacelle factory has reached its design capacity. We have multiply enhanced project delivery performance. The efficiency of the selected sites guarantees us a high installed capacity utilization factor (ICUF), timely delivery of wind energy to the unified grid of Russia and, accordingly, return on investment,” said Alexander Korchagin, CEO of NovaWind JSC.

“The energy transition, a pathway to a gradual switch from traditional to alternative energy sources, is presently developing in Russia. This task has been set by the Government of the Russian Federation. The Stavropol Krai is involved in this work. Clean energy sector has been one of the development priorities of the region over the years. We are expanding our power generation complex using wind, solar and water energy, which is facilitated by cooperation with Rosatom and its division, NovaWind Joint-Stock Company, and other partners. According to the results of the year, the share of alternative energy sector in total energy balance of the Stavropol Krai will exceed 10%, while greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 900 thousand tons per year. We intend to continuously increase the contribution of the region to the protection of the environment and promotion of advanced energy technologies,” said Vladimir Vladimirov, Stavropol Governor.

“Gazprombank, as a modern ESG-oriented financial institution, is extremely interested in the development of green assets, and we positively assess the prospects of the Russian wind energy market. In general, renewable energy projects are one of the priority lines of the Bank's credit policy, and we see potential in expanding cooperation with Rosatom in this area,” said Ilya Devichensky, Head of the Department for Financing Energy, Telecom and Nuclear Industry of Gazprombank.

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