16 Sep 2021

Green Hydrogen Production Barge Concept Project Awarded UK Government Funding

16 Sep 2021  by   

A UK project aiming to develop a green hydrogen production barge concept for harbour use has been awarded government funding.

AqualisBraemar LOC (ABL) Group, including group company Longitude Engineering, will work in a consortium with Green Hydrogen Solutions and Poole Harbour Commissioners on the concept development and feasibility study for a moored barge to generate, store and provide hydrogen to vessels bunkering at the same port.

The port will store hydrogen produced via electrolysis using onshore renewables.

Poole harbour (pictured above) in Dorset, southern England, will be used as a case study for demonstrating the environmental and commercial viability of the concept.

The work will make a techno-economic analysis of the feasibility of green hydrogen as an alternative fuel to power ships, as well as establishing the commercial viability for such an application and its potential for expansion to other ports.

“This project is aimed at providing rapid infrastructure for hydrogen production at the point of requirement,” said Dean Goves, Longitude Engineering’s Managing Director for Marine Vessel Design, Defence and Small Craft.

“Providing ready availability of hydrogen will support its adoption as a viable alternative marine fuel and contribute to the reduction of the sectors’ emissions.”

The project received a share of funding from the UK Government’s £23m Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition.

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