13 Sep 2021

HHI Group Teams up with Austria's AVL to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Ships

13 Sep 2021  by   

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group will develop hydrogen fuel cells for ships by partnering with the world's largest powertrain developer.The group signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with AVL, an Austrian powertrain developer, to jointly develop hydrogen fuel cells for ships by 2025. A signing ceremony was held at "Hydrogen Mobility + Show" held at KINTEX in Gyeonggi Province, Korea, on Sept. 8.

A hydrogen fuel cell system for large ships under development by Havyard

Hydrogen fuel cells can boost a vessel’s energy efficiency by up to 60 percent compared to current internal combustion engines. The two companies aim to develop fuel cells with output of 200 kW to 1.5 MW.

The fuel cells will be applied to engines for domestic coastal island area ferries and tugboat inland waterway cargo ship and medium-sized hydrogen carriers.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group presented a hydrogen ecosystem model, which shows all stages of a hydrogen value chain from hydrogen production to transportation, storage and utilization, at the Hydrogen Mobility + Show exhibition.

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