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12 Sep 2021

RWE Hails 525MW German Offshore Win

12 Sep 2021  by   

RWE is toasting success in the latest German offshore wind auction which saw the company secure two sites totalling 525MW.

In the North Sea, RWE was able to secure the N-3.7 lease for a project with a potential capacity of 225MW.

The company also won a second site in the Baltic Sea (O-1.3) with a potential capacity of 300MW.
RWE said it “intends to leverage synergies from its existing offshore wind farms in the delivery of both projects, which are scheduled to go into operation in 2026”.

RWE added that a competitor of RWE holds so-called step-in-rights for the lease in the Baltic Sea and as a result, a final award decision may not be made until the beginning of November.

RWE and its partner Northland Power hold step-in-rights for another of the auctioned sites, N-3.8 in the North Sea, which has a capacity of 433MW.

RWE Renewables offshore wind chief executive Sven Utermohlen (pictured) said: “RWE plans to build two new offshore wind farms off the German coast, further promoting the expansion of renewable energies in Germany.

“Offshore wind is one of the main pillars of the German energy transition. We are especially pleased to be awarded these opportunities in our home market.

“After our success in the UK offshore auction in spring, we are once again able to demonstrate our competitiveness in a challenging market environment.”

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