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03 Sep 2021

GE Completes Modernisation of Thessaloniki Power Plant in Greece

03 Sep 2021  by   

GE has completed the modernization of Greek energy company Elpedison’s Thessaloniki power plant.

9F gas turbine: Credit: GE

The upgrade included generation assets as well as installed digital solutions.

GE installed its DLN 2.6+ combustor system, its OpFlex software solution and its Advanced Gas Path technology on its 9F gas turbine. In addition, GE increased the agility on the plant’s Franco Tosi steam turbine with a replacement of its HP/IP rotor with a new configuration.

The modernisation effort will help increase the plant’s output by over 20MW, equal to powering 17,000 Greek households, and will reduce its start-up costs by 10%, according to GE’s statement.

The upgrade will also improve component lifespan and will increase efficiency of the power plant with decreased fuel consumption and emissions.

Silvio Jean, Director of Elpedison Power Generation, said: “As the first independent energy producer in Greece, it is important for us to increase our competitiveness in the power segment by extending the life of our plants and providing the best service to our users.

“By using the latest GE technology, we will also significantly lower emissions, by improving our heat rate by almost 2 percent and lower our minimum load, reducing our cost’s structure and providing value to the environment and to our clients.”

Steven Miller, Services Leader for GE Gas Power Europe, said: “Greece’s recovery plan proposes investments and reforms that support climate objectives providing an opportunity to progress with longer-term emissions reduction.

“Pursuing initiatives that support sustainable increases in efficiency and increasing the share of natural gas and renewable energy in the energy mix would contribute to the country’s energy transition goals.”

“With this project, the Thessaloniki Power Plant will see an increase in power output and flexibility, improved efficiency, extended asset lifetime as well as significant savings on fuel costs in line with the energy sector reform that Greece is currently implementing.”

The project was completed during a gas turbine major overhaul by Fieldcore, the field services execution team owned by GE.

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