01 Sep 2021

Beijing to Support Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Adoption with New Demonstration Cluster

01 Sep 2021  by   

Beijing, China, has been selected as a demonstration city for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) with the city containing a more developed financial support system for FCVs.

With hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles set for the Chinese capital, the acceleration of the adoption of clean mobility could increase and support the demand for them.

A total of 12 cities and districts, represented by Beijing’s Daxing district, Tianjin’s Binhai New Area, and Hebei’s Baoding city have formed the demonstration city cluster in this region.

The unique financial support system for FCVs has started to take shape in Beijing with research and development for the key technologies fully supported.

Construction of hydrogen filling stations is also accelerating in addition to supporting vehicle purchases.

Beijing will now ramp up its efforts to optimise the financial support system and make proper use of national allowances in a bid to boost the development of the hydrogen industry.

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