22 Aug 2021

Abu Dhabi to Become a Hub of Hydrogen and Ammonia Exportation with New Agreement

22 Aug 2021  by   

Abu Dhabi is set to become a hub of ammonia and hydrogen exportation with a new clean ammonia supply chain agreement secured between ADNOC and INPEX.

With the signing of this new agreement, the two companies will support a chain between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan.

The clean ammonia purchased from ADNOC will also be produced by the group with the excess carbon emissions set to be sequestered at Abu Dhabi onshore oil fields in which INPEX additionally has a participating interest.

Once produced, the clean ammonia will be transported from Abu Dhabi to Japan in an ISO tank container, designed to international standards, and is scheduled to be utilised in energy fields including as a power generation fuel.

Ammonia is advantageous as a mode of storage and transportation of hydrogen and emits no carbon when combusted.

It is therefore expected to be utilised as fuel for power generation and marine transportation in line with global movements toward the realisation of a net zero carbon society.

This deal is part of a wider strategy by INPEX to build a hydrogen and ammonia supply chain linking Japan with Abu Dhabi – one of its core business areas.

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