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12 Aug 2021

CorPower Completes 45-tonne Wave Energy Test Rig

12 Aug 2021  by   

CorPower has constructed a 45-tonne moving mass system, a test rig capable of simulating ocean wave conditions anywhere in the world.

Stockholm Test Rig. Image credit: CorPower

The rig has been installed at CorPower’s Stockholm base following an intense two-year project and is the world’s largest wave energy test rig, according to CorPower.

The design, build and accreditation has been supported by key supplier ABB and accrediting body DNV.

Measuring 40m in length and 9m in width, the system will play a fundamental role supporting CorPower’s flagship HiWave-5 demonstration project, involving the deployment of the firm’s first full-scale WEC (Wave Energy Converter) off the coast of Portugal, later this year.

For the last decade, CorPower has been steadily undergoing a rigorous five-stage product development and verification process, which initially started with small scale tests in Portugal and France.

It later progressed to a half-scale WEC prototype, which also underwent dry-rig testing prior to sea trials in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, in partnership with utility firm Iberdrola.

Said CorPower Project lead Antoine Boudoin, responsible for delivering the system: “It’s one-of-a-kind and purpose built to test the overall performance and survivability of CorPower’s WECs at full-scale. The test rig catapults us to the next phase, enabling us to perform a broad range of isolated tests, involving individual modules and equipment, before eventually testing the device as a complete integrated system in the ocean.

“Dry-rig testing is a highly effective process helping debug, improve, stabilize, fine-tune and optimise WEC systems before offshore operations, which are costly and weather dependent by comparison. As we now progress to full-scale we will continue with our rigorous approach to prove the robustness and durability of CorPower’s technology.”

CorPower’s commercial-scale WEC – 9m in diameter with a 300KW power rating – will spend around 4-months on the test rig, which can deliver 7.2MW peaks and generate 80.6kNm torque, with 5 m/s maximum speed.

The full consortium of partners supporting the test rig project include ABB (drive train and control system), Katsa Oy (gearbox) Wittenstein (gear rack) Särkinen industries (large mechanical parts) Vallourec (pneumatic cylinder) Blue Future (assembly) and Weforma (dampers).

Additional partners providing third-party approval include DNV-GL (pressure equipment) Rejlers (electrical installation and machine safety) and KIWA.

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