Wind Power

06 Aug 2021

Over 100 Wind Power Plants Register to Supply Electricity to Vietnam

06 Aug 2021   

A total of 106 wind power plants nationwide with a combined capacity of more than 5,655 MW have registered to conduct commercial operations and join the national grid, according to Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

Based on the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s circular on regulations on the development of wind power projects, If the plants want to recognise their commercial operation date (COD) before October 31, 2021, they must submit documents and files to EVN before August 3.

Investors of the plants were asked to promptly present their agenda which closely reports the projects’ situation.

They were also requested to register only when all preparations are completed, in a bid to avoid any schedule changes and prolonged testing as well as ensure safe, stable and constant operations of the power system.

As of early August, 21 wind power plants with a total capacity of 819 MW had begun commercial operations.

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