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05 Aug 2021

US Wind Reveals 1.2GW Offshore Expansion Plans

05 Aug 2021  by   

US Wind has announced expansion plans for development of up to an additional 1200MW of offshore wind energy with the new Momentum Wind project.

[Image: US Wind]

At full capacity, Momentum Wind would include up to 82 turbines and will be Maryland’s most ambitious clean energy project.

US Wind said the project would able to fully satisfy the state’s offshore wind energy goals and make substantial progress toward meeting Maryland’s renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Through the development, construction, and operations phases of Momentum Wind, the project is expected to support around 3,500 jobs and lead directly to the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in the Maryland economy.

To facilitate this and its current 22-turbine MarWin project off the Maryland coast, US Wind has signed major labour agreements.

It has also signed a new port facility agreement with Tradepoint Atlantic to develop 90 waterfront acres into a new offshore wind deployment hub, where US Wind will initially invest $77m (€65m) via the MarWin project.

There is also a proposal for a new steel fabrication facility in Baltimore County at the Tradepoint Atlantic site – Sparrows Point Steel – to be built in conjunction with Momentum Wind.

Catalyzed by a landmark 90-acre lease agreement with Tradepoint Atlantic at Sparrows Point Shipyard, US Wind will build on the port investment already committed via the MarWin project.

The investment of an incremental $150m will be made to develop Sparrows Point Steel, Maryland’s first manufacturing facility dedicated to the creation of offshore wind foundations.

Sparrows Point Steel has the potential to be one of the largest offshore wind staging ports in the United States.

With significant marshaling and storage land, considerable quayside access, and an adjacent drydock, Sparrows Point Steel would be one of the most competitive wind logistics hubs on the East Coast.

Once built, it is expected to be capable of staging and delivering several wind components, such as nacelle, towers, and blades, as well as foundations.

US Wind chief executive Jeff Grybowski (pictured) said: "Because of the successes we’ve achieved in the development of MarWin, US Wind is ready to offer Maryland its most ambitious clean energy project to-date and, with it, the state’s first permanent offshore wind steel fabrication facility.

"Developing Momentum Wind and Sparrows Point Steel at full capacity will give Maryland the opportunity to bring steel back to Baltimore and become the epicenter of offshore wind manufacturing."

Tradepoint managing director Kerry Doyle said: "The combination of expanding offshore wind and welcoming steel back to Sparrows Point is truly a full-circle moment for Tradepoint Atlantic.

"We are here today because both the private and public sectors have consistently pulled together to reimagine this iconic site and once again make it a place where thousands of hard-working Marylanders could find good paying jobs and provide for their families.

"US Wind’s vision for the future and commitment to establishing critical elements of the offshore wind supply chain at Tradepoint Atlantic is transformational and we look forward to partnering with them for many years to come.

"Ultimately, there is much work to be done to keep Maryland well-positioned in this emerging industry and Tradepoint Atlantic will continue to be a national leader pushing for even greater growth and success.

"As Marylanders, we should be very proud – offshore wind is here, and steel is back."

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