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22 Jul 2021

China XD Group Develops the World's First 500 kV Economical High Voltage AC Current Limiter

22 Jul 2021  by WorldEnergy   

Recently, the world's first 500kV/90kA economical high-voltage AC current limiter developed by China Xidian Group successfully completed the manual short-circuit test, and was officially put into trial operation on the Shun-Guang-A line of the 500kV Guangnan Station. China Xidian Group attaches great importance to the research and development of this project and put it into the management of the A-type key research and development plan. It took 3 years to complete all the research and development tasks of the project.

The successful operation of the project has filled the domestic economical AC ultra-large short-circuit current suppression technology gap, provided an economical and reliable solution for the suppression of high-voltage AC short-circuit current, and provided a strong guarantee for the reliable operation of the ultra-high-voltage large power grid.

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