14 Jul 2021

EDP Joins BEHYOND Hydrogen Production Concept Study

14 Jul 2021  by   

Portuguese electric utility company EDP has partnered with TechnipFMC and other research partners to develop a conceptual engineering and economic feasibility study.

The study, named BEHYOND, aims to produce green hydrogen from offshore wind power by creating a standardised concept that can be implemented worldwide for large-scale hydrogen production.

In the study, the research partners will primarily focus on integrating equipment to produce green hydrogen, as well as infrastructure to transport it to the coast.

Other research partners involved in the project include the CEiiA research centre for engineering and development, Portuguese offshore renewables company WavEC and the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN).

The consortium partners aim to develop new business models, create engineering solutions and offer new products and services for the hydrogen industry worldwide.

The BEHYOND project is being supported by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism’s (EEA Grants) Blue Growth Programme.

EDP executive board member Ana Paula Marques said: “The BEHYOND project will allow EDP to acquire the required know-how to enter new markets with clear synergies with our core activities.

“Green hydrogen produced from renewables is likely to become a key lever in the world’s decarbonization effort while mitigating the variability of offshore renewables and enhancing energy system’s flexibility.

“By leading the BEHYOND project, EDP is anticipating a key trend and preparing the company for the future of energy”

TechnipFMC president Jonathan Landes said: “We have the skills and expertise to contribute value to this study from our decades of experience in subsea, as well as the knowledge we have built during our ongoing Deep Purple green hydrogen project. The BEHYOND study also fits with our longer-term ESG goals.

“The involvement of a company with EDP’s strong market position demonstrates the increased focus and interest in the evolution of offshore hydrogen technology, as well as its potential to help meet the world’s long-term energy needs.”

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