12 Jul 2021

TAQA Group, Abu Dhabi Ports In Talks For A 2GW Green Hydrogen To Ammonia Project

12 Jul 2021  by   

Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA), one of the largest listed integrated utilities in the region, and Abu Dhabi Ports, announced today they are discussing the development of an industrial scale green hydrogen to ammonia export project in Abu Dhabi.

A partnership on a green hydrogen to ammonia project on this scale between TAQA and Abu Dhabi Ports, would be a significant step towards placing Abu Dhabi at the heart of a new emerging global market for green energy.

Under an MoU signed today by Jasim Husain Thabet, TAQA’s Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director and Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, Group CEO, Abu Dhabi Ports, the two companies will work together on developing proposals for a green ammonia export facility to be based in Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD).

The new plant would be fuelled by hydrogen produced by an electrolyzer facility paired with a 2 GW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant.

The green hydrogen would be turned into liquid ammonia to supply ships converted to use ammonia as a bunker fuel and for export from Abu Dhabi Ports via specialized gas carriers.

Ammonia, which is relatively easier to transport than pure hydrogen, has a number of industrial uses and can also be easily turned back into hydrogen.

The TAQA-Abu Dhabi Ports project will also feature a storage facility at Khalifa Port, opening the opportunity for it to become a hub for exporting green ammonia to international markets including Europe and the East Asia.

The solar farm, electrolyser and the ammonia production plant will be situated in KIZAD.

The ammonia plant will have pipeline connectivity to the Khalifa Port storage facility enabling large volumes of ammonia to be directly delivered to the port.

“Green hydrogen requires large-scale low carbon electricity production and desalinated water. TAQA is an internationally recognized leader in both of these,” said Jasim Husain Thabet, TAQA’s Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

“We are pleased to have opened discussions with our partner Abu Dhabi Ports on developing proposals for a major industrial scale facility that, if it goes ahead, would place Abu Dhabi at the heart of the emerging market for green hydrogen.”

Thabet added that combining the global reach of Abu Dhabi Ports with the energy and water know-how and established technology partnerships of TAQA could open up exciting opportunities for both companies, their shareholders and for Abu Dhabi.

Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, Group CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, said this potential collaboration aims to address regional and global green energy needs, as well as supporting the goal of UAE’s leadership to position Abu Dhabi at the heart of the new emerging green energy market.

“With its strategic location between the East and the West, its proximity to KIZAD and Zonescorp, as well as the multimodal connectivity through sea, air and land linking Abu Dhabi to global markets, Khalifa Port is in an ideal position to become a major hub for green hydrogen and its derivatives exports to all international markets,” said Al Shamisi.

Major economies around the world, including in Europe and Asia are investing heavily in decarbonization including in industry, global logistics including marine transport, heavy good vehicles, buses, trains and heating systems.

Green hydrogen can be used to power fuel cells or burned without emitting carbon dioxide and will play an increasingly important part in enabling our low carbon future.

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