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08 Jul 2021

Tesla Korea’s Sales Volume Continuing to Increase

08 Jul 2021  by   

The Tesla Model 3 topped the list of imported cars sold in South Korea last month. In the previous month, the list was topped by the Tesla Model Y.

Last month, Tesla sold 2,884 Model 3s in South Korea and the number skyrocketed from 126. The Model Y sales volume was 3,328 in May and 1,972 in June, when Mercedes-Benz Korea and BMW Korea sold 1,181 E-Class and 2,021 5-Series sedans, respectively.

Last month, Tesla sold a total of 4,860 cars in South Korea to come in third behind Mercedes-Benz Korea (6,845) and BMW Korea (6,503). Last month’s rankings are the same as those for the first half of this year. Tesla Korea’s H1 sales volume jumped 64.3 percent year on year to 11,629. For reference, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 recorded a sales volume of 3,486 last month, up 223.4 percent from the previous month.


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