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21 Jun 2021

TAB will be the First European Producer of Lithium Cells

21 Jun 2021  by   

The multinational battery manufacturer TAB Batteries has announced that, together with its associate Haidi Energy Technology Co. Ltd., it has created TAB-Haidi c.o.o., based in Slovenia with the aim of becoming the European leader.

With the birth of this new company, in addition to maintaining the lead-acid battery market, the TAB Group will obtain the necessary product diversification to access new markets related to lithium-ion technology. This also means guaranteeing further development for the TAB Group, as well as an improvement in profitability.

The creation of this company is carried out with the intention of establishing one of the leading companies in high technology, with a focus on green technologies, sustainability and guaranteeing an offer based on high quality, profitable products for an amalgam of clients throughout the European market. Applications from Energy Storage Systems (ESS - Energy Storage Systems), Motive Power and Power Tools will be at the forefront of the company's new product portfolio.

"We are confident that this new step will reinforce our image as a global battery supplier and put us technologically at the forefront in the manufacture of energy solutions that respect the environment," said Joan Alcaraz, CEO of TAB Spain. «In times when price focuses the attention of many customers, it is relevant that our company is committed to investing in renewables, in green energy, with higher benefits and lower emissions. In short, invest in the future.

TAB Batteries is a leading global manufacturer of battery solutions. The company offers products for a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, agricultural vehicles and boats. Founded in 1965 in Mezica (Slovenia), after a long experience of more than 300 years in the extraction of lead, TAB Batteries has its own branches throughout Europe and is present on 5 continents.

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