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26 May 2021

New Distributed Generation Hits Record in Argentina

26 May 2021  by   
A record almost 1MW of new distributed generation was installed in April in Argentina, the country’s energy ministry has announced.

This 946kW capacity was delivered to 26 new user-generators in the provinces of Córdoba, which accounted for almost three quarters, Mendoza, Buenos Aires and San Juan, with this latter a first.

Of these new user-generators, 17 were in the commercial-industrial category and nine in the residential category.

The ministry notes that April’s installed capacity marks a 25% increase for the month.

It brings the total number of users to 437 with an installed capacity of 4,705kW in six of Argentina’s 23 provinces as well as in the City of Buenos Aires.

Another 345 users are advancing in the procedure to install distributed generation, of which 79 have already requested a meter change to a bidirectional meter and are close to becoming user-generators.

In the first four months of 2021, nine electricity distribution companies and cooperatives also joined the regime, which already includes 147 registered in the twelve adhering provinces.

The new distributed generation is being installed under the government’s Regime of Distributed Generation of Renewable Energies, which was introduced in December 2017 to enable users to generate energy for their own consumption in homes and businesses and to feed in surplus to the grid and be compensated for it.

Installation must be by an authorised installer

Under the law new public buildings are required to consider the use of distributed generation.

New users also can benefit from a promotional tax refund ranging from Ar$30,000 (US$320) per kW installed up to a maximum of AR$2 million (US$21,000) per installation.

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