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11 May 2021

NKT Invests €150m to Expand Cable Production

11 May 2021  by   

Cable producer NKT is investing €150m to expand its high-voltage (HV) production sites to support its record high order backlog and to prepare for growing market demand driven by the transition to renewable energy.

 10 May 2021  Offshore Wind[Image: NKT

The company is planning a power cable test centre in Cologne, Germany, and a new extrusion tower for its production site in Karlskrona, Sweden.

It is also investing in new machinery and a specially designed barge for transporting offshore power cables on the river Rhine.

NKT chief executive Alexander Kara said: “The growing focus on renewable energy is already a key driver in the power cable market and it is a natural step for us to continue to develop our high-voltage power cable capacity, capabilities and technology.

“We are preparing both for future growth and for the execution of our large order backlog of offshore wind and interconnectors projects.

“In combination with the test facility in Cologne, the extrusion tower in Karlskrona will stand as a lighthouse of our position in the green transformation.

“It will also mark our leading position within XLPE and HVDC technology being essential for the expansion of offshore wind and to prepare the global power grids for the future demand of green energy.”

NKT operates two HV production sites in Cologne and Karlskrona.

In 2020, the company was awarded large HV power cable projects for €2.3bn.

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