17 Mar 2021

Volkswagen Skeptical about Hydrogen Vehicles

17 Mar 2021  by Michael Herh   

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said in his interview that Volkswagen would not produce hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

“The physics that supports hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles is very unreasonable, such vehicles’ technological limitations are unrealistically higher than those of vehicles using other energy sources, and this is why we are not planning on any hydrogen-based vehicles,” he said.

“The power of a hydrogen fuel cell is fixed unlike that of an internal combustion engine and an additional battery, an electric motor and a fuel cell are required as a result,” he continued, adding that hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles require much more advanced technologies and yet do not overwhelm electric vehicles in the market in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In fact, this is a challenge faced by multiple automakers. Hydrogen-based electric vehicles are very expensive and yet their fuel efficiency is suitable for use as large trucks covering long distances rather than small passenger cars.

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