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12 Mar 2021

Wartsila, LUT University Carry out Study to Explore Carbon-Neutral Power System in India by 2050

12 Mar 2021  by ETEnergyWorld   

Wartsila, a Finland-based energy company, on Thursday said it has carried out a first-of-its-kind power system study exploring a carbon-neutral power system across India by 2050.

The joint study was done with Lappeenranta-Lathi University of Technology (LUT) in Finland and was focused on investments in flexible generation technologies for India’s energy transition.

“This study focuses on understanding the value of flexibility in power systems beyond the limited scope of pumped-storage hydropower plants by integrating internal combustion engines and storage technologies in achieving a 100 per cent renewable powered system,” said Pieter Hokkeling, director, growth and development, Middle East and Asia, Wartsila Energy.

Hokkeling added that India stands to gain economically and environmentally by completely shifting towards a renewable powered electricity mix, with flexible technologies providing system reliability.

The study analysed the development of power systems in a ‘best policy scenario’, in which greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reach zero across the power sector by 2050 with comprehensive adoption of sustainable energy and flexible technologies.

“The results of the power system transition across India indicate that GHG emissions can be reduced from nearly 1,166 MtCO2eq in 2020 to zero by 2050 across the power sector and enable the country to achieve its climate goals,” it added.

The installed electricity storage capacity is expected to increase from about 22 TWh in 2030 to about 95 TWh by 2050. Storage output would cover about 35 per cent of the total electricity demand in 2050, of which 99 per cent will be contributed by batteries alone, according to the joint study.

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