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22 Feb 2021

Northvolt To Build Europe’s Largest Factory For Energy Storage Solutions In Poland

22 Feb 2021  by Mark Kane   

Northvolt announced a major $200 million investment in Poland, to establish Europe’s largest factory for energy storage solutions (ESS).

The company is already present in Gdansk, Poland since October 2018, when started the Northvolt Battery Systems Jeden, a facility designed for industrialization and assembly of battery modules and solutions.

Now the plan is to expand operations and launch a 50,000 m2 factory, in two stages. The construction of the first phase (5 GWh of energy storage systems per year) is expected to start in autumn 2021. The production will start in 2022.

After adding the second phase, the potential total manufacturing capacity to be 12 GWh per year.

The new factory will receive its supply of lithium-ion battery cells from Northvolt Ett gigafactory, located in Skellefteå, Sweden, to produce modules and packs for stationary applications.

According to Bloomberg's article, almost a quarter of Northvolt battery production to be used for ESS (the remaining part to be used mostly for xEVs).

The company would like to quickly capture 15-25% of the ESS projects in Europe, and a third by 2025.

Peter Carlsson, Co-Founder and CEO, Northvolt said:

“Securing battery cell manufacturing capacity in Europe is key for its industrial future, but what is equally critical is the industrial capacity for integrating cells into real-world solutions. It is this that the new factory will deliver – sophisticated, sustainable energy storage systems to support the transformation of Europe’s electricity grid and its industry,”.

Emad Zand, President Battery Systems, Northvolt said:

“Northvolt has been present in Poland for three years and we are impressed by both the professionalism and caliber of the engineers and manufacturing staff we’re engaged with in our activities here. We are excited about going out and recruiting 500 more,”.

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