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18 Feb 2021

Turkey Selects Hitachi ABB Transformers for Grid Expansion

18 Feb 2021  by   

Turkish transmission system operator TEİAŞ has selected Hitachi ABB Power Grid as its partner for a grid expansion project.

Image credit: Hitachi ABB

Hitachi ABB Power Grids will supply the grid operator with several 62.5 MVA and 100 MVA, 154 kV power transformers as part of a $20 million deal between the two companies.

The aim of the grid expansion initiative is to bring affordable power to Turkey’s remote regions and to reduce reliance on unreliable and polluting local energy sources, such as diesel generators.

The project will enable a high-quality and uninterrupted supply of electricity in these remote areas and enable further industrial investments, such as factories and other businesses, providing employment and stimulating the economy.

Bruno Melles, managing director of Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ transformer business, said: “We are proud to be supplying TEİAŞ with transformers for this massive power grid investment in Turkey.

“Helping people gain access to reliable grid electricity is essential for a sustainable energy future that will have electricity as its backbone.”

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