Climate Change

18 Jan 2021

CNOOC Launches Carbon Neutral Plan

18 Jan 2021  by WorldEnergy   

CNOOC announced on the 15th that it officially launched its carbon neutral plan, which will comprehensively promote the company's green and low-carbon transformation.

At present, CNOOC has established a special research institution composed of multiple departments to carry out carbon peak and carbon neutral top-level design, research and formulate the company's carbon emission reduction roadmap and carbon neutral target plan. At the same time, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, CNOOC will focus on improving the supply capacity of natural gas resources and accelerating the development of new energy industries, relying on two markets and two resources to promote the realization of clean and low-carbon energy to 60%. the above.

CNOOC Chairman Wang Dongjin said that green and low-carbon is one of CNOOC’s five major development strategies. CNOOC will coordinate the top-level design of carbon peak and carbon neu

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