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12 Jan 2021

China: Qingdao Made New Progress in the Field of Flammable Ice Mining

12 Jan 2021  by WorldEnergy   

Recently, the patent technology "sea muddy silt natural gas hydrate gravel huff and puff replacement mining device and method" declared by the Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology, China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources, was authorized by the National Intellectual Property Office and officially obtained a US patent. This is where Qingdao Haiti has once again made new progress in the research field of new methods of natural gas hydrate (flammable ice) mining.

This patented technology, combined with the national invention patent technology and Japanese patents that the previous team has obtained authorization, has laid the core of the method of sand-controlling natural gas hydrate in the sea. Focusing on this core technology, the current team has also obtained relevant subsidiary patented technologies. The clustering effect of intellectual property rights in the offshore natural gas hydrate gravel huff and puff replacement mining technology has initially appeared, which will provide potential technical support for the industrialized exploitation of sea natural gas hydrates.

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