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09 Jan 2021

Grid Connection Work Start for Israel Wave Pilot

09 Jan 2021  by   

Eco Wave Power has started grid connection works for the EWP-EDF 1 wave energy project in Israel’s Port of Jaffa.


The works will be performed in two parts, as they include different routes within the port.

The Eco Wave Power cable system will span approximately 170 metres of underground cables.

The first part is performed by the infrastructure subcontractor Yehimovitz Suissa, in the shipyard area of the Port of Jaffa, and will be completed by the end of January.

Once these works are finalised the company will move forward to the second part of the grid connection route, which will be span across the warehouse area of the port.

The works consist of removing the upper layer of asphalt in the dedicated grid connection route and preparing the tunnels necessary for the electric cables.

“We are entering 2021 in full force, ready to push hard for the opening of our second grid connected project, while developing additional projects in our projects pipeline.” said Eco Wave Power CEO Inna Braverman.

Due to the onshore location of the Eco Wave Power technology will not involve any cable laying on the seabed.

In addition, the cable length will be shorter and more cost-efficient than cables used for offshore

EWP-EDF 1 is executed in collaboration with EDF Renewables IL and co-funding from the Israeli Energy Ministry.

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