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07 Jan 2021

Gladstone December LNG Exports Hit Record High

07 Jan 2021  by Adnan Bajic   

LNG exports from the three liquefaction plants located on Curtis Island off Gladstone hit a new high in the last month of 2020.

Gladstone Ports Corporation’s shipping data shows that the three liquefaction plants exported a total of 34 cargoes during the month. The cargoes had a total volume of 2.19 million tons of chilled fuel.

This compares to 29 cargoes Gladstone LNG facilities exported in December 2019, totaling 1.92 million tons.

Exports jumped compared to the previous month when the three facilities exported a total of 31 cargoes, totaling 2.04 million tons of chilled fuel.

China absorbed 1.40 million tons of Australian LNG during the month. Japan imported 322,572 tons of Australian LNG while South Korea and Malaysia imported 280,571 tons and 185,432 tons, respectively.

For the calendar year 2020, the three plants shipped a total of 340 LNG cargoes. Volumes of LNG exported reached 22.36 million tons.

During 2019, the three plants also exported 332 LNG cargoes, with volumes totaling 22.12 million tons.

The LNG export plants located on Curtis Island include Shell’s Queensland Curtis LNG, Santos Gladstone LNG, and the ConocoPhillips-operated Australia Pacific LNG terminal.

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