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05 Jan 2021

California Grid to Soon be Supported by up to 180 MWh of Eos Zinc-Based Energy Storage Systems

05 Jan 2021  by Kelly Pickerel   

Energy storage project developer EnerSmart will use zinc-based battery systems from Eos for upcoming stand-alone projects in California. Eos will provide at least 90 MWh, and as much as 180 MWh, of energy storage to EnerSmart over the next two years.

The projects are planned to be powered by Eos’s Znyth battery technology to provide improved grid stability and increased renewables utilization across multiple locations in California. The first project, anticipated to supply 9 MWh of storage in El Cajon to CAISO (California’s independent grid operator), is valued at $2 million with installation scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021.

“We are very excited and believe that this agreement will expand our installed base and continue to show the demand for longer duration storage. We look forward to working with EnerSmart to bring innovative technology designed to make a long-term positive impact on California’s power grid,” said Balki Iyer, Chief Commercial Officer of Eos.

The Eos Znyth battery is designed to provide continuous power upon installation and is anticipated to have a useful life of 20 years. This storage solution developed in Edison, New Jersey, is proven to be safe across a wide range of operating conditions and will be shipped from Eos’s manufacturing facility located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“As we expand our portfolio of utility scale energy projects in key markets, we rely on technology that can provide safe, reliable storage at an attractive cost,” said Marc La Magna, Co-founder and Managing Partner at EnerSmart. “Eos Energy’s technology is designed to address these areas and importantly, they share our passion and optimism that energy storage and renewable energy projects will continue to be widely adopted in California and around the country.”

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