04 Jan 2021

Three Gorges Power Station will Generate 111.8 billion kWh in 2020

04 Jan 2021  by WorldEnergy   
As of 24:00 on December 31, 2020, the Three Gorges Power Station has generated a total of 111.8 billion kWh throughout the year, breaking the world record of 103.098 billion kWh of annual power generation set by the Itaipu Hydropower Station in South America in 2016.

The Three Gorges Power Station with a total installed capacity of 22.5 million kilowatts is the largest hydropower station in the world. In 2020, on the premise of ensuring that the Three Gorges Project fully exerts the comprehensive benefits of flood control, shipping, and water resources utilization, the annual power generation of the Three Gorges Power Station has broken the annual power generation of a single hydropower station created and maintained by Itaipu Hydropower Station in 2016 (1030.98 Billion kilowatt hours) world record.

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