29 Dec 2020

Weekly US Coal Production Totals 11 million st, Down 12.6% on Year: EIA

29 Dec 2020  by Olivia Kalb   

Weekly US coal production was estimated at nearly 11 million st in the week ended Dec. 19, down 2.6% from the year-ago week, US Energy Information Administration data showed Dec. 28.

From the year-ago week, output was down 12.6%. Compared with the five-year average for week 51 of 14.8 million st, production was down 25.9%.

With production estimated at 528 million st through the year so far, output was down about 23.8%.

US production is annualized to be about 539 million st in 2020, down 23.4% from the year-ago period.

Weekly production from the four major basins all dropped week on week. Central Appalachian output was at 1.2 million st, down 2.9% from the week before and a 15.5% year-on-year drop.

Through the year so far, CAPP output is 60.3 million st and annualized, it is estimated to be 61.5 million st, down 28.7% year on year.

In the Northern Appalachian basin, production fell 4.1% from the previous week to 1.5 million st. From the year-ago week, output dropped 19.7%.

NAPP output is 73.1 million st through 51 weeks and is projected to be 74.5 million st, down 28% from 2019.

Production from the Illinois Basin was about 1.3 million st, down 3.1% from the previous week and down 18.4% from the year-ago week.

Through 51 weeks, IB production is 66.3 million st. Annualized, output is expected to be 67.6 million st, down 32.1% year on year.

Output from Wyoming and Montana was nearly 5.2 million st, down 1.6% from the week before and down 11.1% year on year.

Through the year so far, production from the two states was estimated at 243 million st, and on an annualized basis, it is projected at 248 million st, down 20.1% from 2019.

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