02 Dec 2020

Stanwell and Iwatani Join Forces on Hydrogen Production, Liquefaction and Export

02 Dec 2020  by Molly Burgess   

Stanwell Corporation and Iwatani have joined forces to push forward a future hydrogen supply chain between Queensland, Australia, and Japan to help decarbonisation ambitions.

Last week (29th Nov) Iwatani said it plans to produce hydrogen in the state of Queensland, using renewable energy such as solar and wind, liquefy it, and then transport it to Japan using large liquid hydrogen carriers.

With ten compressed hydrogen plants and three liquefied hydrogen plants in Japan already, Iwatani currently supplies 70% of the Japanese hydrogen market. The partnership hopes to further enhance the company’s footprint in the market and poise Queensland as a hydrogen production and export powerhouse.

In a statement Richard Van Breda, CEO of Stanwell said the consortium will also build commercial and government partnerships to enable the project to move towards a bankable feasibility study and front-end engineering design.

“There is strong, growing interest in green hydrogen to decarbonise a range of sectors including power generation, transport and industrial processes,” Van Breda said. “Demand for imported green hydrogen is particularly strong in Japan, where government policies and action by major companies is driving hydrogen uptake.”

“Stanwell welcomes the opportunity to continue working with Iwatani on the development of a large-scale hydrogen industry in Central Queensland, with the view of exporting hydrogen to Japan.”

“The region has high quality renewable energy resources, available land and water, port infrastructure, and is in close proximity to key export markets. While our concept study showed there is still a way to go for hydrogen to be commercial, collaborating with key partners such as Iwatani will help to drive down the cost of hydrogen technologies, and support the development of the industry.”

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