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02 Dec 2020

Bo-Kenema Power Grid Extension Works Launched in Sierra Leone

02 Dec 2020  by   

In Sierra Leone, 500,000 people will benefit in the coming months from better access to reliable energy. This will be possible with the rehabilitation and extension of the Bo-Kenema network, whose work carried out by Alpha TND was initiated by the president.

In Sierra Leone, the President, Julius Maada Bio, inaugurated the works of the Bo-Kenema power grid rehabilitation and extension project. “My government recognizes the impact of energy insecurity on the quality of life, public service and the development of the economy. Access to energy is beneficial for learning and education. With electricity, students can access the information offered by information and communication technologies to learn to communicate and gain access to new skills, ” said President Julius Maada Bio.

The implementation of the project was made possible with the support of partners, including the UK Department for International Development and the African Development Bank.

“This project will help improve the reliability of electricity supply to network subscribers by adding 4 new substations. 37,000 new connections will also be made on the network thanks to this work ”, added Avinash Dadhich, president of Alpha TND, the company in charge of the work.

In all, these will affect more than 500,000 people, including households, businesses and industries in the towns of Bo, Kenema and Blama.

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